Capricci Gem Stones was born from Francesca’s jewellery passion and Gianpietro’s love for minerals.

In 1982 Francesca’s parents opened Capricci Casa della Collana in Bergamo, in Northern Italy: it was the first shop of the city specialised in gemstones. Francesca, who was very young at the time, supported them and created unique handmade jewellery. When she met Gianpietro, she marries him and his passion for minerals and cut stones. In 1996 it becomes an important sector of the family business, because of Gianpietro’s dedication and proficiency.

In 2020 Capricci Gemstones was born, a brand which names an entity specialised in rare and collectible gems for enthusiasts, goldsmiths and jewellers. This was made possible by a reliable and international supplier network, by an unceasing research and selection and by the attendance to the most important fairs both in Italy and in Europe.

We believe in transparency

Each gem is individually packaged and we show its name, the weight, the origin and the retail price. We’ve been the first to be so transparent in our sector, while very often information and prices are hidden and unclear: inexpert people may have a hard time trying to approach gems world. We offer special discounts to professionals.

Safe purchase

You can view gems in our store or during exhibitions. We can also arrange appointments through Whatsapp or Skype. You can buy on your own on our website or contact us to have our support or a custom consultation. We are available every day.