Capricci Gem Stones offers a wide gems selection to enthusiasts, goldsmiths and jewellers; we are specialised in collectible and rare gemstones.

Each gem is individually packaged together with its technical file (and, sometimes, with an authenticity certificate). We attend the most important fairs both in Italy and in Europe, where we exhibit our full assortment. In addition to gems, we offer jewellery made of stones coming from all over the world, built in silver; these handmade creations are generally unique pieces.

Upcoming fairs where to find us

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Safe purchase

You can view gems in our store or during exhibitions. We can also arrange appointments through Whatsapp or Skype.

Safe reception

Gems and jewellery are carefully packaged and shipped in stuffed packages, to maintain their integrity.


Our gems are always combined with a technical file, included in the price and compiled by us. Some are associated to a certificate released by gemmology institutes. If it’s not provided, it is possible to receive, upon request and payment, the gemmology certificate released by a Gemmological Institute of America expert.